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Tips and advice on applying to Oxford and finding scholarships. Coverage of life at Oxford and the various colleges. My review of the 1 year taught computer science MSc course.



Reviews of books which I've found interesting and insightful. Right now the books covered are all non-fiction; since reality is often more outlandish than fiction, I hope this doesn't disappoint...


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Getting into Google: Part 2

05 Jul 2020

Without further ado, here are some of my suggestions on topics to review. I’ve also provided details about some of my pitfalls, which I hope saves you time when you prepare for interviews. I didn’t include any sections on heaps, tries, backtracking, or amoritized analysis, but you should be well-acquainted... Read more

Getting into Google: Part 1

05 Jul 2020

The following notes reflect some of my personal thoughts on applying to Google, where I’ve been working since July 2020. These notes are best suited for junior developers - for instance, the notes don’t include any advice for a System Design interview, because that is only given for applicants with... Read more

The One World Schoolhouse (Salman Khan)

30 Mar 2020

One upshot of being stuck at home due to Corona is that it has provided me with the time to review a wonderful book called The One World Schoolhouse (2012). The autobiography was written by Khan Academy’s founder, Salman Khan, and retells Khan’s journey into the domain of online education.... Read more