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Code snippets and tutorials, with a focus on
data science.



Tips and advice on applying to Oxford and finding scholarships. Coverage of life at Oxford and the various colleges. My review of the 1 year taught computer science MSc course.



Reviews of books which I've found interesting and insightful. Right now the books covered are all non-fiction; since reality is often more outlandish than fiction, I hope this doesn't disappoint...


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Parable of the Polygons

02 Nov 2019

Back in 2014, Vi Hart & Nicky Case developed an awesome playable page titled Parable of the Polygons. Their purpose was to educate the public about how even slight biases on the part of individuals can lead to a strongly split society. If you haven’t heard about it yet, try... Read more

A Year at Oxford - Coming with a Family

31 Aug 2019

A year has gone by since I left the timeless town of Oxford. No words can do justice to the experiences and memories I have attached to Oxford - all I can say is that my time there was the most memorable time of my life, and it was made... Read more

Oxford Scholarships & WHT

30 Aug 2019

Studying at Oxford is expensive, but there are many scholarships available for MSc students. With advanced planning, there is a good probability that you will be able to secure at least some funding for your MSc. In fact, after debating whether to apply to Cambridge or Oxford, this was a... Read more