My name is Shiri, which means “My Song” in Hebrew. While I do love music, I am quite tone deaf, and even my friends can’t bear to hear me sing. In short, my parents bequeathed me a very sweet and thoughtful name, yet a slightly ironic one if we are being perfectly honest!

I’m Israeli-American and am currently pursuing an MSc in mathematics at the Technion. I meandered over to this field from a slightly different background: I previously completed a computer science MSc at Oxford, with a focus on neural networks, and before that I completed a BSc in physics.

For more info, you can have a look at my CV.

Shiri, did the Internet really need yet another blog?

I’m sure the Internet would have been quite fine without this blog. Nonetheless, I became motivated to start a blog when I decided to apply for an MSc at Oxford and discovered how scarce the information available is about higher degrees there. Furthermore, I’d often find myself discussing interesting books, code, or math anecdotes with different friends, and thought this would be a good avenue to reach more people with (hopefully) less effort.

Ok, so what’s on this blog anyway?

Code, math, science, books, and my experiences from Oxford. If you’re interested in any of these topics, then hopefully you’ll find something of interest here. Among the articles are:

  1. Advice and informating about pursuing higher degrees at Oxford
  2. Short math simulations coded in Python: because math is fun, and it’s even more fun when you can simulate and visualize it.
  3. Reviews & tips of software I’ve used and tinkered with.
  4. Reviews of non-fiction and biographical books, with the hopes that your curiosity gets tickled enough so that you go out and read some of them.
  5. Various articles written by colleagues, spanning topics such as biology, medicine, and more. TODO

Comments and feedback are most welcome!


A silly photo from Val di Mello, a breathtaking region in Northern Italy that is famous for its natural bouldering rocks.